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Productos y servicios para surge

Surge arresters | ABB

... Checkout. Surge arresters. ... ABB surge arresters are the primary protection against atmospheric and switching over voltages. ...

Medium-voltage surge arresters - Surge arresters | ABB

... Checkout. Medium-voltage surge arresters. ... ABB has more than 75 years of experience in designing and manufacturing surge arresters. ...

Low-voltage surge arresters - Surge arresters | ABB

... Low-voltage surge arresters (< 1000 V). ... LOVOS is a gapless surge arrester with a metal-oxide block encased in a UV resistant polyamide housing. ...

Catálogo de productos para surge

ESP PEF00880 / 7TCA085460R0046

Product ID: 7TCA085460R0046
Product Main Type: ESP

ESP PEF00879 / 7TCA085460R0045

Product ID: 7TCA085460R0045
Product Main Type: ESP

ESP PEF00862 / 7TCA085460R0040

Product ID: 7TCA085460R0040
Product Main Type: ESP

ABB Group Sustainability Performance Report 2014

... based technology combined with flywheel storage capability can instantly stabilize the microgrid by very rapidly absorbing power surges from the ...

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Actualizado: 2015-04-02

“Engineer your future” at the Science Museum 36

... It is an instantaneous surge of electrical energy, which is significantly higher in magnitude than normal current and flows towards the point of the ...

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Actualizado: 2015-03-16

High-power semiconductors

... Integrated gate-commutated thyristors (IGCTs) Gate turn-off thyristors (GTOs) Silicon surge voltage suppressors Test systems Further information ...

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Actualizado: 2015-01-29

Thyristors for >10 GW Power Transmission

... power over 10 GW lay new demands on converter valve, valve hall, transformer, transformer and wall bushing, by-pass switch, surge arrester and ...

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Actualizado: 2014-11-17


... Obviously, a compressor will approach the surge-line slower as compared to a classical zero-torque ride- through and so will buy time for the ...

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Actualizado: 2014-04-23

ABB in wind industry Low voltage products portfolio

... process. Built-in functions like RC-filter and surge suppression are other aspects that help Gamesa stay on top of its business. ...

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Actualizado: 2014-02-26

ABB wind power solutions Total solutions for wind power ...

... wide range of configurations inclusive of circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, earthing switches, current and transformers, surge arresters and ...

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Actualizado: 2013-08-10

Energy efficiency

Page 1. generations 2012 A customer magazine of ABB Marine and Cranes for a better world TM Power and productivity Energy efficiency ...

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Actualizado: 2013-11-15

Safety and availability

Page 1. generations 2013 A publication of ABB Marine and Cranes ISSN 1894-1079 for a better world TM Power and productivity ...

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Actualizado: 2013-11-15

Smart grids A far-reaching evolution in the power supply ...

... Additional problems are caused by dips in power quality, voltage surges and sags that can affect the ... Sudden dip or surge in power supply ...

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Actualizado: 2012-08-23