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Productos y servicios para surge

Surge arresters | ABB

... E-mail Click to add. Surge arresters. ... ABB surge arresters are the primary protection against atmospheric and switching over voltages. ...

Medium-voltage surge arresters - Surge arresters | ABB

... E-mail Click to add. Medium-voltage surge arresters. ... ABB has more than 75 years of experience in designing and manufacturing surge arresters. ...

MSP Motor Surge Protection for critical industrial loads

Medium Voltage Products and Systems > Capacitors and Filters > Capacitor Units > Surge Capacitors > MSP

... Electrical distribution systems are subject to power surges, switching transients, faults ... The primary function of the type MSP motor surge protector is ...

Catálogo de productos para surge


Product ID: 3AUA568001B13

RV5/133 / 1SBN050010R1001

Product ID: 1SBN050010R1001
Product Main Type: Accessories for Block Contactors
RV5/133 Surge Suppressor

OVR N3-40-275S P TS / 2CTB813853R0200

Product ID: 2CTB813853R0200
Product Main Type: T2

ABB Group Sustainability Performance Report 2013 A longer ...

... enable power transfers with a range of high- and medium-voltage products that ensure reliability and efficiency, such as surge arres- tors ...

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Drives > Low voltage AC drives > General purpose drives > ACS550-U1

... eliminates the need for solar shielding, includes a thermostatically controlled heater to protect against condensation, and a surge suppressor to ...

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Switching gears

General Information Tree > ABB Review > Special Report > 2014 > 1 > 2014

... space restrictions apply and com- plex configurations and accessories – with, for example, MV instrument transformers or surge arresters – are ...

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General Information Tree > ABB Review > 2014


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Driving profitable growth The ABB Group Annual Report 2013

... enable power transfers with a range of high- and medium-voltage products that ensure reliability and efficiency, such as surge arres- tors ...

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ABB in wind industry Low voltage products portfolio

... process. Built-in functions like RC-filter and surge suppression are other aspects that help Gamesa stay on top of its business. ...

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Bazmi Husain returned to India just as the slowdown was ...

... control the voltage of an alternate current; switchgears, used in the transmission of electric- ity; and circuit-breakers that cut off power during a surge ...

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Contrac continuous control actuators Valve and damper ...

General Information Tree > Power Systems > BU Power Generation > 2869 Power Generation Service

... Without cost-intensive special measures like split-range arrangements or valves with pre-cones, an undesirable pressure surge results. ...

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Data centers

Page 1. W review ABB The unsung heroes of the Internet 6 Direct current – a perfect fit for data centers 16 No power is no ...

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Un'azienda sotto il dell'

Industries and utilities > Oil & Gas Solutions > Rotating Machinery Control > DEIC

... Tra queste segnaliamo il controllo anti-surge SPE- ED™ e il sistema di ottimizzazione energetica Smart - Sharing™. Il sistema ...

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Actualizado: 2013-11-25